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Layman Testimonial

"Thank you for your speedy response to my e-mail and for all the Bible studies. I can't wait to get them into the hands of the people the Lord is allowing me to work with. I have approximately ten people who should be completing the Romans course by the first of February. I also wanted to take a minute to list out for you the tremendous things God is doing in the hearts of those my family is discipling with the materials the Lord has allowed you to put together.

  1. One young man showed an interest in serving the Lord during discipleship. It wasn't long until the Lord revealed the young man's mechanical ability. With initial help from a few key men in the church with mechanics experience, this young man is now doing bus maintenance and inspections on Saturday for the bus ministry. Also, the same young man (who in the past was fearfully afraid to preach in front of people) is now preparing a message to preach the next opportunity he gets. Please pray for him.
  2. Another young man, after doing the study on John chapter 9 (the blind man), preached a wonderful message on spiritual blindness at our New Year's Eve service. This same young man has been aggressively passing out tracts, particularly the large print ones at the nursing homes, and has given his testimony on several occasions.
  3. Another individual, having seen our need for a piano player (or having heard my singing without it), has begun playing the piano at our various nursing homes. The last time he did, the halls of the nursing home echoed with the sound, and a tremendous room-to-room ministry was afforded us in the sharing of the Gospel of our Lord. Also, while I was conducting a visit, this young man took it upon himself to share the gospel with the roommate of a man I was visiting. His Gospel message was clearly and powerfully presented.
  4. One family has begun to be more faithful in attending services. At our New Year's Eve service, the husband brought his mother-in-law, who, for the first time in many years spent New Year's Eve sober. She clearly heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for her understanding of the Gospel and for the Lord to work wonderfully in her life. The husband is looking to change employment to make as he says, "more time for the ministry". Please pray for him also.
  5. Another man, during our New Year's Eve fellowship, begged me to go through his next week of discipleship with him. Afterward, he committed to read through his Bible in a month with a schedule I had put together to help him with specific areas he struggles with. He also chose to spend the last few minutes of 2007 and the beginning minutes of 2008 at the altar praying for our church and for the needs of several members of our congregation. My heart was truly blessed.

"God bless you and your 'much laboring in the Lord'. It has been a continual encouragement to me, and now your efforts have made God's calling in my life clearer ~ to strengthen churches and equip the saints. With tears I thank you." — (A.B.)