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Equipping Laymen to Serve God & Others

One goal of the H.E.A.R.T. Ministry is to better equip laymen to serve in the local church, and to encourage them to grow in their service for the Lord. In doing this effectively, the layman will assist the pastor in the ongoing work of the ministry, prayerfully allowing him more time for prayer and ministry of the word (Acts 6:4). Following you will find various resources we have compiled to help others share their faith effectively and minister to those about them.

Free Ministry Helps

Leading Children to Jesus

This lesson was prepared for us by Mrs. Sue Simon, who was the Sunday School superintendent at Cleveland Baptist Church (Pastor Kevin Folger) for over 30 years. Mrs. Simon worked primarily with first and second graders. A great tool for those dealing with children!

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The Plan of Salvation with Three Lessons

If you have access to a John/Romans printed by Bearing Precious Seed, two companion Salvation Bible studies are provided: The first Salvation Bible study (ten questions) follows the "marked edition" references beginning on page 42; and the second Salvation Bible study (twenty-five questions) directly correlates with the pages immediately following page 57 of that booklet. Also included in this grouping is "Eternal Promises from the Gospel of John", where you will study what the Scriptures say about eternal life in Jesus Christ.

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Bible Study Course: Romans

Once these basic studies are completed, you may wish to do a study on the Book of Romans as the next step in your spiritual growth. This eight-lesson discipleship/home Bible study course will help you get started in faithful study of God's Word (II Timothy 2:15).

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Enduring Ministry Structures I

The six topics covered in this collection emphasize service and discipleship:

  • The H.O.L.D. Ministry (Helping Outreaches Link Discipleship);
  • Discipleship Organization. Directions to teachers of God's Word;
  • Suggestions for Visitor/New Member Outreach;
  • Christ-like Caring Ministry Ideas. Several ideas for ladies given to helping others;
  • Tips for Visiting the Elderly, Widows and Shut-Ins; and,
  • Ministry to "Forgotten" People.
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NEW Enduring Ministry Structures II

These six topics emphasize unified efficiency in the local church:

  • Structuring a Local Church Ministry
  • Regionalizing Neighborhood Gospel Outreaches
  • Effective Neighborhood Canvassing
  • Biblical One Anothering
  • Tips for an Enduring, Joyful Ministry – Helps for Workers
  • Compelling Reasons for Memorizing Scripture
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Free Practical Help

Good Steward Financial Management Principles

Over twenty pages in length, and chock-full of practical tips, the four lessons included in this resource are:

  • Putting God First in Every Area of Life;
  • A Practical Spending Plan;
  • How to Prepare a Budget;
  • Getting Out of Major Debt in Two Years;

This help is chock-full of practical material, such as a price comparison for nine Cleveland-area grocery stores. It makes a difference where you shop! Also included are general tips on being wise with your money and resisting the impulses all around us to spend hastily that which God has provided for us. Applying the principles found in the Word of God regarding money has a great benefit. Diligent folks can go from "misery to ministry", having more time for family and service to the Lord, as well as financial resources.

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Ladies Corner

Meal Planning & House Cleaning Tips

Diana enjoyed so much the opportunity to teach a session for a ladies meeting at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Ashtabula (Pastor John Jones). Her assigned topic was “Meal Planning/Housecleaning”. We thought other ladies might be interested in these practical tips, as well as some super family-friendly recipes.

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